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Kadavu Empowerment sessions

Kerala Association of Delaware Valley creates a platform that offers knowledge and skill empowerment sessions to its fellow members and families. The key objective is to enhance and sharpen the personality and knowledge of our family members including students through various online sessions

Interactive sessions would benefit most of our members including those currently employed, job seekers, and students. These courses are offered free to Kadavu Families
Professionals, homemakers, future professionals, and kids can make the best use of this opportunity to sharpen their soft and hard skills. These sessions are planned to be delivered via Google Meet or an equivalent online platform, details will be published to the registered participants.

Create a platform to promote life skills such as well-being, culture of learning and professional development.
· to learn new technology
· to enhance and sharpen personality
· to enhance knowledge in various topic areas, initial focus will on IT related topics


Contact: Rajesh Raghavan



July 7, 2021


Team Activities