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- Winston Churchill "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

Kadavu Youth Program

Promote youth leadership by engaging our young leaders in the Community and creating platforms to realize their abilities at the highest potential. Every month, Kadavu conducts seminars and field activities for young leaders under careful guidance by the Industry leaders and experts

Monthly team orientations and Workshops are conducted by the experts. 

Join Us - We together can make differences

Help us to Help You. Build fun learning environments and Relationships that last for life for a better future!

Message from Kadavu Youth Leader

Graduations - Wall of Fame!

Graduation is more than just one day or party — it’s honoring a graduate’s years of hard work and dedication. Kadavu considers it’s important to honor our graduates. Join with us. 

Youth Annual Day

Saturday, January 28th 2023 @Exton Station Community Club House

We then welcomed speaker Bina Nair to give a presentation on how to better improve your communication and public speaking abilities. She talked about the importance of effective communication and ways to improve it. She also gave tips on how to improve public speaking skills. The presentation ended with an activity where everyone had to explain to a partner a drawing and they had to draw it.

We started the evening with a presentation greeting the new youth leads. The previous Kadavu Youth president, Sloka, gave a speech about the youth group and her experience with it. The new President and Vice president were then inaugurated with an oath and then gave a speech about themselves and what they plan to do. The other leads then recited the oath and did the same. The presentation went over all the things that Kadavu Youth has done in the past year. Previous advisors recognized the new advisors and gave a speech about the youth group, how it will prosper, and how the previous group has done very well.

The next activity was a youth versus adults jeopardy game. There were trivia questions about Kadavu, science, sports, geography, and movies. The game ended with a tie but it was a very fun and entertaining game.

The night ended with dinner which was contributed to by youth members. Everyone brought in many delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy.