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Summer Picnic

An event truly dedicated to family fun during the summer. Members and their families have lots of fun during the day while enjoying bar-be-que food and playing fun games. Volley ball, Soccer, Cricket etc. are also part of the fun activities for the day. Check out the dates for this year's Picnic.


Celebrate Onam festival with much fanfare during the month of September. The community as a whole eagerly waits for the Onam celebrations every year and welcome King Mahabali as part of the celebrations. Onasadya with Upperi, Pappadam and Payasam is an integral part of the function. Event will be filled with family entertainment where many kids, youth and elders participate in a variety of items like music, dance, skit, etc. The program has been rated highly by all sections of the community.

Holiday Party(Thanks Giving and Christmas)

Celebrate ThanksGiving and Christmas during the month of November/December. Kids and youth participate in various programs for the evening. The programs will be followed by a Grand Feast, where everyone enjoys a smörgåsbord of food prepared by the family. Dinner is usually followed by party games and other fun-filled activities

Team Volunteering Opportunities