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What are your thoughts on vegetarianism, daylight savings, technology, or even after-school activities? Well on December 22nd, the youths of KADAVU dedicated their afternoons to debate some of these “pressing” matters, and we sure had a lot to say. Each team, based on our assigned topic and side (affirmative or negative), was allowed a one-minute opening statement to introduce our ideas, and then a cross-fire where we were to question and challenge the opponent’s thoughts as well as argue and strengthen our own point. In a final attempt to prove our argument, each team presented a one-minute closing statement. Believe it or not, a group of teenagers arguing with each other is not as chaotic as it sounds, and the maturity and calmness surprised some of the parents, who were expecting something close to, well, a full-on war. The youths were also lucky to be assisted by two judges with debate experience who guided us through the process. We also had a small audience of the youths and their parents which provided a great public speaking opportunity. Overall, it was a great experience as everyone came out of their shell, and ironically it was a great team-building activity.

Credit: Sriya Mangatt.
Vice President – Kadavu Youth.

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